Best Birthday Party Boxes ….. Drum roll Please!!!

Get the confetti, all the balloons and let’s talk about fun party boxes to make your Birthday memorable.

I created these invite party boxes for my daughter’s 10th birthday and let me tell you, they were a hit!!! If we’re just getting to know one another…. Here’s another fun fact about me, I LOVE EVENTS!! I love making my girls birthday’s so special for not only them, but their guests. It truly gives me so much joy.

These boxes were the perfect invite/party favor.

+ The boxes can be found at

I packed each box with:

  • A Mickey Mouse crop top
  • Black cropped leggings
  • An official invite with a Disney gift card attached to buy Mickey Ears ( custom made by my friend )
  • 8 Disney pins to add to their lanyards
  • Her little sister and cousin got matching dresses >>> THEY were the cutest things you’ve ever seen

The girls were so excited to use their own Disney gift card to purchase new Mickey Ears and How cute are they?!

Attached on each box are custom acrylic tags and name tags that my my friend Andi at designed and It made each gift that much more personal. She is so talented! Love you ANDI!

NOW I know what you’re thinking… “That’s an expensive BIRTHDAY” ….. SO Let me break it down for you:

  • Each girl already had a Disney pass
  • Crop tops were from and were $8.00
  • Leggings were from and were $5.00
  • Disney Gift card for each girl was $25

It ended up being cheaper than a normal birthday with decor, cake, food, etc… AND It was so fun. You can totally use this concept when creating other birthdays for a boy or girl and It doesn’t have to be a Disney theme.

Pick your theme and pack the boxes with fun items from that specific theme and don’t forget to hand deliver them to your guests. It’s that easy. I don’t think we will do another party without this concept. I loved seeing the girls reactions and it made it that much more special. AND it’s the perfect touch to add to a birthday during a pandemic…… I know it’s so sad to talk about, but we are all going through this together and we can still make birthdays special. We did it again this year and created a zoom link for all her friends to join in on a virtual birthday. The girls still had their individual boxes that made it feel like they were even more a part.

Thanks for joining me today…. I hope you had your bubbly in hand! If you don’t know what I’m talking about… make sure to head over to styling to read MY FIRST BLOG POST called: Styling Made Simple and you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

Let’s chat in the comments below.

I’d love to see what you thought of this post and this concept. Thank you for reading and I’ll chat with you soon!


Sheena Ann





Best Birthday Party Boxes ….. Drum roll Please!!!

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