Styling Made Simple

Hey Classy Chick. If you don’t know, that’s YOU! You made it! If you’re reading this you probably want to know about Styling and I can help you simplify it. I know, I know…. it can be complicated and daunting. If that’s you, KEEP READING! I promise we are going to do this together.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the World. The women who wear them will.”

– Anne Klein

The first step is to get you to see that clothes are just clothes! It’s who’s wearing them that is important. So let’s just get that out of the way and acknowledge the real QUEEN, YOU!!

Let’s start with the basics.


I’m talking about white, black, gray and tan. These colors are essential and are a must in any closet. There is so much you can do. With neutrals you can play on the color by doing a monochrome look. White on white, Black on Black, and (a personal favorite of mine) Gray on Gray. SIDE NOTE: If you do a tan on tan monochrome look, tag me, because now you’re just showing off. Ha. Pairing a monochrome neutral look can be so basic, but SO chic and it’s the first step to making your style more simple.

Are you with me?! Let’s keep going.

2. Dainty Jewelry

I love this simple touch. It adds so much and it doesn’t take much effort. I love this boutique called: they have the cutest pieces for an affordable price. I have purchased all my layering necklaces from them and they have never tarnished. Small gold hoops are the hot item right now and I’m here for it. Nobody wants a droopy earring hole… am I right?!?! HA! I have no idea if that’s the right terminology, but it made me laugh.

BUT…. did I make you laugh with the droopy ear hole?!?!

You are now becoming a pro at making your style more simplified! YAY!

3. High Waisted Jeans!

Can we scream together?! Say it with me…. HIGH WAISTED JEANS!

These are gold. I am not a thin girl, and I don’t want to wear anything, but high waisted. They really do help lengthen those legs and they help put the attention on the smallest part of your body. The waist. Now for some this may be your problem area, but trust me. If you wear a half tuck shirt that’s loose, I promise, I will be your new best friend. If you’re thick, like me, the key is finding loose shirts. Button down shirts. Baggy t-shirts. These create illusions and make it so simple, yet trendy. For all my thin girls, you rock those high waisted jeans and crop tees or those cute puff sleeve blouses that I can’t get enough of.

Are you seeing your style more simplified?

If not, there’s more. So let’s keep going!

4. White Sneakers

There is just nothing better! White sneakers have this finishing touch to an outfit that makes it all come together. I personally love Vans, Nike Air Force 1 shoes, and Reeboks Exclusive Club C Double Sneaker. You can change any outfit with a pair of white sneakers. Dress it up or down or just rock leisure wear all day – (I like to call this look 2020). Because that’s all we are wearing anyway, right?!

Style made Simple. Did you take notes? Learn anything new? If you are still reading this I want to thank YOU! Thank YOU for joining me and reading J&J FIRST BLOG! IF anything inspired you or maybe just refreshed your mind about the basics let me know in the comments below. I’d love to chat with you.

I’m currently drinking a Bubbly as I type this and I’d love for you to join me next time with your favorite Bubbly in hand.


Sheena Ann





Styling Made Simple

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